A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Winter Boots

Best Winter Boots

Getting the right pair of winter boots is an important task once the temperatures begin to drop at that time of year. But, once you arrive at your favorite store or online market, you may find that the vast selection can be overwhelming.

The first point to consider is where you will wear your winter boots. If you will be traversing rough terrain and hiking through mud ice and snow, you will need some sturdy well-built snowshoes. On the other hand, if you will be walking through lighter terrain, you will find a set of Chelsea boots will serve you well. Take a look at Oboz Boots.

In the following post, you will find everything you need to know about getting the right pair of snow boots for you.

The Four Golden Rules of Buying Snow boots

Try them on with socks you are planning on wearing the boot. If the socks you have on are especially thick but are planning on wearing thinner socks, when you use thinner socks your boot might fit loosely.

If you will be trying on your boots before you make a purchase, consider doing this in the afternoon. Your feet are larger in the afternoon after an entire day of walking than in the morning after a night of resting. This means you will get a better fit.

Try on both boots! It is normal for there to be small variations between the two shoes and this will allow you to get a feel for the shoe on both feet.

Walk around the shop or your house if you are trying on an online purchase. Make sure your boots are easy to walk around in and comfortable on all sides.

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Important Points to Consider when Buying Your Shoes


Most of the heat that escapes our body does so from the feet, hands and head – ergo, these are the three points that must be well-insulated against the winter chill.

Shearling and other traditional linings are great for keeping the feet and toes toasty warm. Then, there are synthetic linings that are favored by the fashion elite for keeping the feet warm and stylish. Before you buy winter boots, consider what materials are used in their fabrication.


While making sure your boots are a stylish success, you will be better off prioritizing the right fit. After all, you aren’t going to strut your stuff attractively if your feet are in agony.

Take the time to get a feel for the way these boots are supposed to fit. Is there enough wiggle room for your toes? What about the support around the ankles? Is it snug and comfy?

Think that you may want to be wearing your winter boots with a thicker pair of socks. If so, you may find that the next size up is the best fit. It’s worth a try anyway.


You must consider how these winter boots will react to the wetness of winter as well. There are some specific ways to ensure that our shearling boots are well-protected from the cold slushy winter puddles.

Leather boots can be treated to provide extra resilience against the moisture and this will allow them to look good and remain in beautiful condition from year to year. Then there are many synthetic options that are offer superior waterproofing at a far better price.


Rubber soles offer superior grip when traversing wet pavements, ice, and snow, but you need to check the grip as well. Look for plenty of bumps and notches that keep your feet from sliding in any direction.


The fasteners for your boots will greatly affect the experience you have with them. For example, a lace-up type of boot will adjust to the way your foot moves as you walk over long distances, a great option for working and hiking. But, if you want something that will be easy to take on and off, a zipper option may work well for you.

Be sure you briskly zip and unzip the zippers to ensure they work well before purchasing a boot. Pull-on boots are the easiest of them all and have stretchy sections on the side that allow the boot to slip over wide calves.

Best Winter Boots

You will find that some winter boots have specific practical advantages while others are geared more toward a stylish and fashionable look. Here are some things to consider.

– Leather is a timeless and classic beauty that gives a luxurious appearance even when imitated.

– Brogue styling and subtle seaming are also very stylish looks

– Dark colors make the boot acceptable for work.

– Moisture-wicking linings that allow the foot to be dry and comfortable for extended wearing.

– Rubber soles with a slip-resistant, these can also make the boot more subtle and laid back.

– Lace-Ups and desert boots look more rugged and sporty.


A few top tips for buying winter boots for toddlers

Best Winter Boots

Proper Fit – Children’s tender growing feet can be easily damaged through improper shoe fit. Has their foot size measured regularly to ensure that their tiny toes have plenty of wiggle room? It is also a good idea to have them wear extra thick socks to accommodate any extra room.

Flexible shoes with an extra safe rubber grip are very important as kids are small and light and have a tendency to topple over easily.

Tiny tots will become very uncomfortable if their toes get cold while playing outside. Make sure that insulation is more than sufficient for keeping their little toes warm and protect their health.

Easy fastening will allow all tot to get their boots on and off easily. Make sure you have a fastening system that is suitable for your child and their needs and you can contribute to their early life skills.


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