The Strangest Cities in The World

strangest cities in the world

We’ve all heard about the most famous cities. Ones that feature incredible buildings and rich histories. However, around the world, there are some truly bizarre and quirky cities.

Some of these cities have reached this status by accident, others were by design, by governments who decided to do something that most would stand the test of time.

Below, we have listed the 5 strangest cities in the world.

1. The Floating City

No, not Venice. In the Caspian Sea is the floating city of Neft Dashlari, that, incredibly, is also a huge oil rig. The city was built by the Soviet Union when they discovered huge oil reserves in the area.

It was once a feat of engineering. It had a park, a soccer pitch, a library, and other amenities. Now it is starting to slowly but surely fall apart as the area is dried up of oil. A lot of floods have now seen roads an apartments submerged in the sea.

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2. Pyongyang


The world is getting a lot smaller and we now live in a time where cultures start to come together. Despite that, there are few cities in the world as unwelcoming as Pyongyang in North Korea.

The Secret Traveller at 1Cover covered North Korea as one of the weirdest countries in the world and Pyongyang definitely ticks that box. Ironically as they do their very best to keep the outside away, the city is attracting even more visitors curious to visit this place.

If you do visit this city, you’ll be escorted from one bizarre attraction to the next. A tour of the city will see you visiting enormous statues of Kim II Sung to restaurants that, inexplicably, feature no menus. Pyongyang, like the country, defies all expectations.

3. The Highest City in the World

La Rinconada, in Peru, is the highest-altitude city in the world. You may want to think twice about visiting though. There is no running water and the people of the city live a hard life. The men work in mines, and the women and children spend their days breaking rocks looking for gold.

Despite being in Peru, the city isn’t governed by them. This means there are no laws, and even if there were? This city has no police force to uphold any law. Life in La Rinconada is unforgiving and not for the faint of heart.

4. Songjiang

Though China is rushing into the future as a major global presence, this area of Shanghai is travelling back in time. It is known as Thames Town, a bizarre Chinese representation of middle England.

Visitors can drink a pint in a Tudor-style pub, there are terraced houses and a cathedral. It is a bizarre and unusual area that has about as much in common with Great Britain as it does with Shanghai.

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5. Amsterdam


Despite their best efforts, this city cannot shake its sex and drugs image. Unfortunately, the red light district and coffee shops generate a huge amount of revenue.

A tourist in Amsterdam can walk the beautiful tree-lined trees and take pictures of the canal houses. It isn’t long, however, before you stumble across sex shows and hardcore porn shops. Despite this, Amsterdam is a wonderfully unthreatening, friendly city that is a delight to visit. Just maybe think about it if you’re a little prudish.

Have you visited anywhere strange? Share your unusual travel destinations.


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